De-Escalation Techniques

Tactical Communication and Incident De-escalation for the Security Professional

Security Professionals experience barriers to communication that must be overcome to successfully resolve situations and avoid an escalation to force or violence. From their initial observation and approach, positioning when talking to an individual, and response they contribute to escalation or de-escalation of the contact.

As Security Professionals we desire to resolve contacts without the use of force or the occurrence of violence by using Tactical Communications and De-escalation Skills the incident can be reduced or mitigated before it has the opportunity to escalate.

Tactical Communication and Incident De-escalation Topics

  • Identifying signs of aggression
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Communication and Listening
  • Approach and positioning
  • Conditions that escalate patron aggression and anxiety
  • Assessing the environment
  • Assessing actions and words
  • Issues with intoxicated persons
  • Handling verbal abuse
  • What to say and What not to say
  • Ending the contact