Defense Baton Instructor


Security Train the Trainer Courses

Security Train the Trainer Courses

Our Baton Instructor program utilizes curriculum from Personal Safety Training Incorporated (PSTI). The Defense Baton™ training program is designed to teach officers skills, techniques, and defensive actions for the appropriate use of the expandable baton as a self-defense option. The program is restricted to Security and Law Enforcement officers.

In the Defense Baton™ Instructor Certification Course
• Baton Awareness
• Use-of-Force
• Baton Nomenclature
• Defensive Tactics Fundamentals
• Baton Handling Positions
• Baton Blocking Techniques
• Baton Defensive Counter Strikes
• Baton Control/Decentralization Techniques
• Baton Retention Techniques
• Post Incident Response
• Baton Training Drills

• The Instructor Course consists of a one day (8 hours) of training.
• Instructor Certification is valid for three years.
• Training fee includes Instructor course manual and Certificate.
• Instructor Certification entitles you to train, certify, and re-certify others in the Defensive Baton™ course. (Agency and non-agency restrictions)