Security Officer Less Lethal Courses

Less Lethal Security Officer Training

Defense Tactics System

This course presents skills and techniques for escorting, takedowns, handcuffing, and handling both compliant and non-compliant subjects. This is an excellent arrest and control program.

Pepper Spray (OC) Certification

Pepper Spray, is one of the most effective non-lethal weapons available. This program is for professionals working in Private Security, Executive Protection, and Law Enforcement.

Handcuffing Certification

The Handcuffing course covers nomenclature, application of Handcuffs, checking for fit and placement, handcuffing guidelines, and handcuffing the resistive, semi-resistive subject, and compliant subject. 

Baton Certification

The Baton course covers nomenclature, deployment, blocks, strikes and guidelines for the use of a defensive baton.