NRA Instructor Courses

For NRA Basic and Instructor  courses see the Boulder Rifle Pistol Club Training Group web page at  I am currently a member of the Training Group Instructor Team and teaching NRA courses with the Club.

Basic Instructor Training (BIT)

This is the mandatory instructor training course that introduces the instructor candidate to the NRA teaching methodologies and fundamentals of facilitation.


Basic Pistol Instructor (BPI)

The foundation instructor course in the NRA handgun disciplines.  This course emphasizes instructing students in firearm safety, proper gun handling and the fundamentals of marksmanship.


Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor  (PPITHI)

This is a self-defense focused instructor course.  Instructor candidates will study basic defensive shooting skills, strategies for self-defense, and responding to an incident.  Students will discuss legal issues, handgun carry methods and ammunition selection.  Students must complete the Basic Pistol Instructor course prior to attending the Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor course.


Personal Protection Outside the Home Basic Course (PPOTH)

This course is mandatory for NRA Handgun instructors desiring to add the Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor rating.  Enrollment for this course is open to non-instructor candidates.  Students will discuss personal protection and defending themselves in various encounters (including those involving deadly force).  Students will spend significant range time learning how to determine and respond to threats, draw the firearm, proper gun handling and marksmanship skills.


Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor (PPOTHI)

This Instructor course will certify successful students to teach the NRA’s Personal Protection Outside the Home course.  This is the most advanced course offered by the NRA civilian training department. Course objectives include developing the students skills in defensive shooting, use of cover and concealment, shooting from multiple positions, engaging multiple targets and low light handgun skills.

The course also discusses the legal issues, statutory law and the use-of-force. Additional topics include:  strategies for personal safety, responding to a violent confrontation, handgun selection, sport shooting and training opportunities.

Personal Protection Outside the Home instructor candidates must have NRA instructor certifications in Basic Pistol and Personal Protection Inside the Home.  All instructor candidates are required to have completed the student course in Personal Protection Outside the Home prior to attending the instructor course.