Security Consulting

At VTI Associates we believe that maintaining a safe and secure operating environment is a critical, yet challenging task for any organization.

Unfortunately, terrorism, crime, and business-related security issues continue to be concerns in the workplace. As a result, businesses in many industries are being subjected to new laws, regulations, and standards requiring increased analysis of security threats and vulnerabilities.

Steven T. Baker provides security consulting services to the public and private sectors. Steve has been involved in numerous assessments, surveys, security program evaluations, system evaluations, and analysis of security policy and procedures.

Our goal is to assist our clients in identifying and managing their security risks in a cost-effective manner.

We offer services in the following areas:
Security Surveys and Audits — Detailed audit/survey reports with post-survey discussion of practical, cost effective solutions.

Vulnerability/Risk/Threat Assessments — Evaluation of threats to your organization and your current ability to defend yourself against these threats. Includes recommendations to mitigate the impact of threats to your operations.

Review and Development of Policies and Procedures — Effective, reasonable, and practical, security policies and procedures are designed to integrate with the organizations culture and operational challenges. Best practices help deliver a consistent security program throughout the organization.

Security Awareness Training – Organizations are increasingly challenged by loss from social engineering and complacent employees and vendors. We develop programs to educate your employees, contractors, and visitors on measures they need to ensure their security as well as the security of information and assets. Awareness of the risk of loss to company information is crucial to survival for the organization.

Security System Review – We analyze your current security and protective systems for effectiveness and provide recommendations and enhancements to reduce risks to the organization, increase detection and improve response capability.

Security Training and Education Programs – Steve will develop training/educational programs to ensure that your staff has the necessary vocational skills to ensure your protective system functions as designed. Security officers require training that is position specific. Our offerings begin with basic security training classes that discuss local law on arrest and detention, trespassing and authority of the guard. Defensive Tactics, handcuffing and weapons training (firearms, baton, pepper spray) are offered that meet several state requirements and exceed standard of care. Non-escalation/de-escalation training for officers, report writing, workplace violence and customer service courses are also offered.

VTI Associates are non-product affiliated independent security consultants.