Security Training Courses

Security Powers of Arrest & Detention

This 8-hour course is  an excellent course for new security officers and those considering licensing in the state of Nevada. Covers private person arrest, detention, and Nevada law as applicable to security officers


Security Use of Force

During this 8-hour course security officers will discuss the use of force continuum, avoiding the use of force, escalation and de-escalation of force.  Statutory and case law will be reviewed along with a review of recent use-of-force incidents.


Use of Force Scenarios for Security Officers

This 4-hour course provides an opportunity for security officers to practice the skills and tactics that they have learned in a controlled scenario based environment.  Officers are required to carry and utilize the equipment and tools that they would normally carry on duty.  Depending on course location this course will utilize a combination of verbal, less lethal and deadly force options.  Each officer will debrief and receive feedback upon completion of the scenario.


Certified Protection Officer Course (CPO)

Students will meet for three hours every week for 12 weeks to review and discuss security procedures and issues as presented in the Protection Officers Training Manual and other materials.  Students successfully completing this course are eligible to apply to take the CPO Certification Examination with the International Foundation of Protection Officers (IFPO).  Students passing the CPO exam will certified as “Certified Protection Officers” by the IFPO.