Less Lethal Security Officer Training

Handcuffing Certification

Handcuffing is a 4-hour course covering nomenclature, handcuffing guidelines and handcuffing the resistive, non-resistive, or semi-resistive subject.

Pepper Spray (OC) Certification

OC, more commonly known as pepper spray, is one of the most effective non-lethal weapons available. This program is for professionals working in Private Security, Executive Protection, Law Enforcement, Military and armed citizens. Before earning a certification, students must pass a knowledge and proficiency exam, and experience the effects of OC.

Baton Certification

Baton is a 4-hour course covering nomenclature, guidelines and tactics for the defensive baton.

Defensive Tactics

This 8-hour course presents skills and techniques for escorting, takedowns, handcuffing and handling both compliant and non-compliant subjects. This is an excellent basic arrest and control program.